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Nice shot of the Blessed Virgin Mary of La Naval and very informative as always!


Entre faste et brillance : j'en ai les yeux qui brûlent :)


Thank God the Philippines was not colonized by the Dutch! Otherwise we would not have the fine cuisine the Spanish left us....although queso de bola (aged Edam cheese is not bad).:D

I wonder why the statue is richly dressed and bejewelled to the point of being gaudy.


Beautiful close up of the statue.

luna miranda

that's a good-loong 'santos'. i wonder what the philippines would be like if we were colonized by the dutch.:)


The church is simple and plain, but our lady is quite gawdy!

Michael Rawluk

That is a very great history lesson. It is always interesting to learn what makes a country into what it is.


Thanks for sharing the historical basis for this religious celebration. Now I know. Thanks! :)

Gérard Méry

Une dame couverte d'or, belle exemple pour les pauvres.

Ashish Sidapara

There is always something to learn here, thanks for sharing as always!


Great info Sidney. I know the Dutch colonized part of Indonesia but didn't know that they actually forayed into Philippines !


You do a good job, Sidney, of educating people about the history - current and past - of the Philippines. I miss celebrations like this.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

It's a beautiful image. Thanks for sharing its interesting background.


1533, amazing that something can survive that long.


The second photo is lovely.


I wonder what the Philippines would be like now if the Dutch had won.

Great close-up of the statue, Sidney.

dong ho

thanks to wikipedia and to your photos. i wonder how you took that close up shot of the virgin mary.


Hi, Sidney. This is just another very informative church. Can't wait to see more of the photos...


I remember that October on up is novena times in my school. Even private non-sectarian school have novena in the morning. I didn't know that non-sectarian means we shouldn't have to hear rosary at all. :)

I like that grand church.


very informative post, thanks for the info, I always like to learn more about the world and places on it


Notre Dame du Rosaire priez pour nous pauvres photographes...

Charles Ravndal

Honestly, I am a stranger to the country of my origin and it is somewhat nice to learn abit of history.

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